About Robert

Hello there, I’m Rob.  Life is great. 😊   But it wasn’t always this good for me.  Around 12 years ago, I had a broken marriage, and I struggled communicating my emotions.  Feeling lonely and alone, I had a difficult relationship with my parents, and I ran a lot of anger and frustration, which I escaped from through drinking, partying, and staying incredibly busy.

Through working on myself, and gaining a much deeper awareness and understanding, I started to shift and change things in a big way. I moved from a place of self hatred, to self acceptance and self love; from feeling lonely, to creating a magical relationship with my soul mate and wife, Hanna; and from deep anger, to a place of inner peace, calmness, and strength.

Yes, life has completely changed for me.  These days, I have a balanced and beautiful life, I take time each morning to connect within, to understand where I am at today, and continue to work on myself every single day.  I have a beautiful fulfilling marriage, we’ve created financial security, I have a wonderful relationship with my parents, and I’m living my life purpose – helping others to grow and to create a better life for themselves through the insights and wisdom that I’ve gained along the way.  I also try and make sure there’s plenty of time for fun – I’m a passionate musician (sax, guitar, sing), and a passionate investor in property.

  • What can I help you with?

I help a lot of people in the areas of:

– Creating a more meaningful life
– Creating a healthy and fulfilling relationship
– Working on creating financial freedom
– Career and work issues
– Understanding and resolving conflict

  • What can you expect from a mentoring session?

Most of my clients talk about being understood very quickly – getting clarity on what is blocking them and causing them to be stuck.  Often the issue is not where we think it is – it stems from something deeper underneath, something that we are not always able to see without the help and guidance of someone who has a deeper insight than us.  Once we work on this, our whole life starts to change.  Often clients leave a session feeling inspired, and taking action to make changes in their life.

  • How can we work together?

We have multiple options available for you:

  • Mentoring Sessions – with Robert
  • Mentoring Sessions – with both Robert & Hanna
  • Relationship Mentoring Program – with Robert & Hanna
  • Deep Connection To Yourself Program – with Robert & Hanna (or individually)
  • Forensic Alignment Sessions – with Hanna