About Hanna

Hello dear one. It is wonderful to have you here : )

My spiritual and self-development journey started over 10 years ago. I was living in London at that time, and life was interesting but full of challenges. I was struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of fulfilment, working very hard without much effect, and I was never happy with myself, let alone being able to love or like myself. This was all reflected in my broken relationships with my partners and family, and living from paycheck to paycheck in an unfulfilling career. I felt like I had no control of my life. I was disconnected from myself and my intuition, often isolating myself, and feeling like I didn’t belong.

I had a strong desire to change my life. Deep down, I knew that a more fulfilling life and relationship were possible, but I had no idea how to change things, and I felt powerless and helpless, not knowing where to start.

I started attending hundreds of seminars, workshops, courses, healing sessions, mentoring programs, webinars and anything else I could get myself into! This is when I started to understand that whatever relationship I had with myself and the Universe, was reflected back to me on the outside. I started living all that I learnt – creating a loving relationship with myself and others.

My life changed completely, and in every area. I met and married my soulmate, and we have created the most beautiful, healthy, and meaningful relationship. I live in my dream country, and I live my purpose – I do what I love and I love what I do. My intuition and my emotions have become my best friends, and I use them as a compass in life. This helps me to feel connected to myself and the Universe, and I am guided every single day. I truly believe that I am the creator of my life, and this has helped me to attract so much abundance into my life – more than I ever knew was possible.

I truly live the life I love, and I’m passionate about helping others to create this too. I believe whole heartedly that anyone can create a life and relationship they truly love, if they are ready to take a step in the right direction, being fully committed and open to making changes in their lives.

  • What can I help you with?

I help my clients to create a life and relationship that they truly love. I do this through understanding what is holding you back, and then creating a beautiful and strong connection with yourself and the Universe, because I believe this connection will be reflected back in all areas of your life.

  • What can you expect from a mentoring session with me?

My clients say they feel extremely safe in my sessions through the space that I hold for them.  My strong intuition and caring energy allows them to be open and vulnerable, which helps us to go a lot deeper in the session, and to build a good understanding of the issues.  I have the ability to feel and understand very quickly where the problem lies, and where the work needs to be done. 

  • How can we work together?

We have multiple options available for you:

  • Mentoring Sessions – with Hanna
  • Mentoring Sessions – with both Hanna & Robert
  • Relationship Mentoring Program – with Hanna & Robert
  • Deep Connection To Yourself Program – with Hanna & Robert (or individually)
  • Forensic Alignment Sessions – with Hanna