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Welcome, and thank you for visiting. We are so glad you are here : )

We are Hanna and Robert, and we live in this beautiful country of Australia.  We’ve created a magical and meaningful relationship and life together.  But it wasn’t always like this…

We have both had journeys to get to the place where we now are – helping others to create the life they truly love.

Hanna’s journey started in 2009 when she was at a turning point in her life, struggling with relationships, her self esteem, living from paycheck to paycheck, and lacking direction and purpose.  This made her feel unfulfilled, unhappy, unloved, never good enough, lonely, and constantly chasing happiness outside of her.  It felt like a dead end with no way out, until one day she decided she’d had enough.  And she knew in that moment, that she needed to do something differently to be able to create different results.

She started searching for the answers and guidance that would help her to create the life she truly craved.  She attended seminars, workshops, courses, healing sessions, mentoring programs, webinars – anything that was available.  Through this work, she began turning inwards and connecting to herself and the Universe at a deeper level, listening to her heart more and more, and following its guidance, even when it told her to move to Australia : )

This deep connection that she created with herself and the Universe, helped her to create a life and relationship she truly loves.  When things change inside you, things around you must change too.

Robert struggled with communicating his emotions – often feeling lonely and alone.  Inside, he ran a lot of self hatred, frustration, and anxiety, which he escaped from through drinking, partying, and staying incredibly busy. Running a lot of internal anger and frustration, he had a broken marriage, and a difficult relationship with his parents.

Things started changing when he met a mentor who he connected with deeply.  He started to gain a much deeper awareness and understanding of himself, and through this started to shift and change things in a big way. By creating a deep connection to himself, Robert moved from a place of self hatred to self acceptance; from feeling lonely, to creating a beautiful relationship with his soul mate and wife, Hanna; and from deep anger, to a place of inner peace, calmness, and strength.

The Sanctuary of Hearts was born from the inspiration to help others, and we have committed to bring together all of the experience, wisdom, practical skills and secrets that we use into one place, to help shorten the journey for you, so that you can create the life you truly love, and feel empowered to build your own ideal relationship.

Through this deeper work that we do in our sessions together, old patterns drop away, and healthier new paths are created, allowing you to create a new and more empowered way of living. You will be able to find a place within that is authentic, balanced, nurtured, connected, and with strong healthy boundaries.

It would be our greatest joy and honour to help you on your journey of discovering yourself – and helping you to change your relationships, and your life.

With love
Hanna & Robert

Live The Life You Truly Love

Kind Words

Robert really helped me with setting some goals around my family’s financial goals for buying a house. He also gave me more clarity around developing a housing solution that was invaluable for me. His clear and grounded advice helped me to gain clarity around what’s important to me and then what do I want to achieve with my financial goals.

Dr Kate Ringvall, CEO, Open Cities Alliance

Thank you Hanna for my beautiful Forensic Healing Session (Remote). I found the journey emotional, but also very therapeutic. You have a life gift as both a healer and a coach. As you are so warm and caring it was easy to open up to you. And you truly gave me some clarity around my life’s purpose. I’ve participated in other therapies, face-to-face, and was unsure how the remote session would go, but it went just fine and it felt like you were with me, in the room, guiding me. I will now process what we talked about and I look forward to scheduling another session soon. With much love and thanks!

Jeanine Fras, Legal Office Manager

Robert helped me to see that it is possible to shift my perspective and develop much further than I thought. Instead of playing small he offered some examples of where I can achieve my next level of development. He was engaging and very supportive. I instantly felt a strong connection that he was vested in my interests. I am incorporating his ideas and things are starting to move which is great. I left the session inspired and ready for action.

David Corcoran, Executive Voice Coach

Hanna is one of the most kind, intuitive, gifted, approachable, open minded and inspiring healing coaches that I ever met in my life Her techniques are excellent and she always let me be me. I completely trust her healing techniques and they are a massive help to me. My life is changing for the better on a daily basis. I would recommend Hanna to everyone who is struggling with finding their purpose and bringing back self-connection. I’m very excited to work with her again.

Ursa Potocnik, International Business Administration

I had a beautiful session with Robert on the same day I broke up with my last partner. Robert was very consoling and understanding. I was in a good place before as I think I knew it wasn’t right, but getting that male perspective is extremely empowering. Robert helped me look at the future and see the lessons to learn from this last relationship. He helped me dig deep to find the puzzle pieces and great advice for moving forward in a positive and constructive way. I still recall snippets of our session and use them now for all different types of relationships. I am forever grateful for the learnings I have received. Totally recommend his wisdom and advice for anyone seeking to enhance, strengthen or see their way forward in any relationship. Thank you

Sue Field, Investment Manager

Thank you so much for an insightful and grounding mentoring session Rob. The session really helped me understand myself from a different perspective and I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom to help me see things much deeper than how I was looking at them. I felt safe to be vulnerable and released lots of tears that were holding me back. Since the session I have taken steps to make things different with the person I was running conflict with and I have taken responsibility for my actions. I highly recommended you as a mentor to anyone needing some support and guidance where they are stuck in their life.

Cayla Pothan, Business Owner

I was a little shy to ask but knew Hanna was the soul I needed to guide me through a healing and past life regression session. It was such a beautiful, loving and special experience. Magical. Deep. Connected. Heart opening. I don’t remember ever feeling so safe to trust my inner knowing. Thank you so much Hanna xx

Zoe Carroll, Personnel and Governance Security Advisor

Rob is an amazing mentor and I think the session with him was honestly life changing. He saw the issues I raised with him with great insight and perspective, and is very compassionate. I honestly can say he’s helped me see myself differently and walk towards a better path. Thank you very much

Zorica Ferrara, Manager, Financial Accountability Regime at Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Forensic healing with Hanna was such a deep and profound experience. Hanna is a very gifted healer and I highly recommend this healing experience.

Marina Rei, Business Coach

The Forensic Healing session with Hanna was a true spiritual and healing therapy. Hanna led me through the whole process with Love and lightness, even thought it was a really difficult subject (harassment) after the session, I felt a great weight coming off me. It felt like an Angel led me out of this dark path. And this Angel was Hanna.
Thank you, Hanna

Wioleta Kalka, Event Planner and Coordinator

I had never heard of the kind of healing that Hanna provides, but I trusted the processes and have never felt more liberated! I 100% recommend this for anyone ready to embrace new change in their life. I look forward to my next session. I am also committed to private coaching with Hanna. It has helped me to appreciate so many good traits in myself that I previously did not see. I feel very supported and loved, not to mention Hanna’s beautiful personality.

Devina Hofste, Fashion Designer

I highly recommend Hanna and her beautiful Forensic Healing sessions. I had the most amazing experience and really appreciated the care, love and softness of the space that was held for me to grow. I feel more connected to myself, gained personal understanding and felt completely supported in the process. I’m excited to do another session soon.

Cayla Pothan, Business Owner