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The Sanctuary of Hearts has been created to enable you to create the life you truly love by helping you become more empowered, and to gain a deeper awareness, understanding and connection to yourself.

This also leads to you being able to build a strong, healthy relationship with yourself, so that you can create a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with another person.

Through this deeper work that we do together, old patterns drop away, and healthier new paths are created, allowing you to create a new and more empowered way of living.

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Change Your World With Just One Word

They say that everything happens for a reason. Do you often say, “This happened to me” ?    Have you ever tried changing it to “This …

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The Power Of Acceptance

To be able to fully love myself, I have to accept all parts of me equally. This means that I accept those parts of me …

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Don’t Say Goodbye To The Teacher, Before You Get The Lesson

Change is inevitable, but progress is not. We can be in many different relationships, but if we don’t make the changes that we need to …

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