How many of us try to `fix` things on the outside, hoping that if I can only change `this`, life will be so perfect and I will be so happy?
Well, this is a recipe for never ending failure, frustration, disappointment etc. I have been there before many times (and I am still catching myself when I am searching for happiness outside of me). I understood deeply that you cannot fix anything and anyone that is not YOU. Your biggest and most rewarding work starts from YOU beautiful one, you and only you!

If you want to change your relationship with someone, start from YOU. If you want to manifest more abundance, start from YOU. If you want to help someone, start from YOU. If you want to finish attracting certain people, things, circumstances into your life, start from YOU. That is our job – the most rewarding one, yet the most challenging.

We are incredibly blessed that the Universe gives us a CHOICE, every single day. We can start at any moment of our Life.