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The Sanctuary of Hearts has been created to enable you to create the life you truly love by helping you become more empowered, and to gain a deeper awareness, understanding and connection to yourself.

This also leads to you being able to build a strong, healthy relationship with yourself, so that you can create a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with another person.

 Through this deeper work that we do together, old patterns drop away, and healthier new paths are created, allowing you to create a new and more empowered way of living.

You will be able to find a place within that is authentic, balanced, nurtured, connected, and with strong healthy boundaries.

You really can create a beautiful and fulfilling life!

You may be wondering, is this for me?

Let us ask you, have you ever been:

We have both been there before, unhappy in life, struggling to build healthy relationships, going through pain and many breakups, until we realised how important it is to build a valuable and loving relationship with yourself first.

This journey started over 10 years ago for each of us when we started a process of deep understanding and self development. We have attended many workshops, seminars, healing and mentoring sessions, which resulted in a journey of deep transformation
and big life changes.

Through this, we have created a truly beautiful life and meaningful relationship and marriage, based on deep connection, trust, and understanding. Although it has been a big journey, we know that not everyone has to go through such a long process to build the same thing.

The Sanctuary of Hearts was born from the inspiration to help others, and we have committed to bring together all of the experience, wisdom, practical skills and secrets that we use into one place, to help shorten the journey for you, so that you can create the life you truly love, and  feel empowered to build your own ideal relationship.

It would be our greatest joy and honour to help you on your journey of discovering yourself – and helping you to change your relationships, and your life.

Hanna is a Certified Forensic Healing Practitioner (Dip FH), Certified Development Coach, and Mentor. Robert is a passionate Certified Personal Development Coach and Mentor. 

With love
Hanna & Robert

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