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Our Problems Are Our Greatest Teachers


Any problems we face in life are usually the cause of our stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, unhappiness, etc. The thing is, problems in life don’t really exist. What creates a “problem” is our perception of things, and how we see the situation through our own (often “dirty”) lenses. We READ MORE

Our Problems Are Our Greatest Teachers2021-03-29T06:25:21+00:00

Connecting With Yourself Brings True Happiness


How often do you search for love, health, happiness or anything else outside of you? How often do you give your power away, by relying on external things, people, or circumstances? I spent many many years of my life not realizing that I was constantly searching for happiness outside READ MORE

Connecting With Yourself Brings True Happiness2021-03-17T07:49:50+00:00

Change Your World With Just One Word


They say that everything happens for a reason. Do you often say, “This happened to me” ?    Have you ever tried changing it to “This happened for me”?   It’s such a subtle change – just one word.  But it can change your whole world.  Because when we do this, we can READ MORE

Change Your World With Just One Word2021-03-17T07:43:41+00:00

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