Living With Integrity

We so often think of integrity as being linked to how we act in life, and to how we treat others. And this is true. But it’s only part of the truth. Integrity is also so much about how we treat ourselves, and how we let others treat us.

We can hold strong integrity to others: always keeping our word; telling the truth; doing what we say we’ll do, etc. But do we hold the same level of integrity to ourselves?

For example: How are our boundaries? Do we speak up when we need to? Do we push back when others are trying to squeeze or manipulate us? Do we stand up for our values? Are we true to ourselves?

All of these things impact our self worth and self value – which in turn, are linked to our self esteem, and help to build our inner self confidence. The thing is, they’re all directly related to the integrity that we hold for ourselves.

Once we build a deeper understanding of this, and start to make changes in this area of our life, then we start to raise the integrity that we hold for ourselves, which begins to change what goes on around us.

Our inner world reflects to our outer world, and this creates the experiences that we have.

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Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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