Our Problems Are Our Greatest Teachers

Any problems we face in life are usually the cause of our stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, unhappiness, etc.

The thing is, problems in life don’t really exist. What creates a “problem” is our perception of things, and how we see the situation through our own (often “dirty”) lenses.

We see problems as WE are – because problems are often a reflection of those beliefs that we carry with us through our life.

Problems come in many different shapes and sizes, and we often suffer the most when we don’t accept things, people, or circumstances for what they are, but instead, we wish they were different. The more we try to push against them or try to push them away, the worse they seem, and the more stress and tension we experience.

However, when we are able to look at things differently – to see things as an opportunity, and as our potential teacher – then it feels like a big weight has been lifted from our shoulders. This is because we stop resisting things, and we stop fighting them. Instead, we allow things to be, to exist, and we can breathe again, and make different decisions – decisions that seem to be easier, lighter, and more empowering for us.

Think about any problem you have been struggling with for a while. Does this problem relate to forgiveness, carelessness, control, greed, envy?

Most of us try to solve our problems with our heads, and our ego gets involved. This often leads to confusion, and creates even more stress.

But if you can think about the same problem in a new way – embracing it instead of pushing it away, accepting it instead of wanting it to be something different, and keeping it in your heart, and listening to what your heart wants to say, then you will find the valuable lesson that this problem holds for you.

What valuable lessons do you see for yourself in this problem or situation? Perhaps it is teaching you more patience, or to be more careful, or maybe to put in place stronger boundaries with others, or perhaps to trust more and to leave your comfort zone?

When we learn the lessons that our problems hold for us, and we have a genuine desire to learn from them, they have no reason to stay. And if we have learnt the lesson well, then they have no need to come back to us to repeat the same lesson again.

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Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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