The Power Of Acceptance

To be able to fully love myself, I have to accept all parts of me equally.

This means that I accept those parts of me that I call “beautiful” and “positive” (like those when I am being kind, helpful, and optimistic), in the same way that I accept those parts of me that I call “bad” or “negative” (those that like to judge, criticize, play the victim, feel anger, or frustration).

What we often do is hide that part of us. We think the emotions that sit there are not acceptable, so we try to push them away, hide them, or “fix” them. Often, we are scared that through acceptance of them we allow these emotions to stay forever. This is furthest from the truth.

When I am able to accept all of my human emotions, and let them flow through me effortlessly, I am able to transform into a healthier, happier human being in a much quicker way. Those parts of me are my greatest teachers and guides. They are a doorbell saying: “Please, listen to me”.
My emotions show me where my limitations sit, where I need to put more work in, and what is stopping me from creating a healthy, abundant, and balanced life and relationship with myself and others.

Once I am able to accept all parts of me equally, I can truly love myself. The key here is to be kind to yourself. Ask better questions, such as: what is this emotion teaching me right now? What is it’s purpose in my life? Why is it here? How can I learn from it?

When I shine the light on my pain, holding compassion towards myself, I no longer need to judge my emotions or be afraid of them. I lovingly hold a space for them to flow, until the pain heals.

I can truly be myself, without hiding any parts of me.

This is the Power of Acceptance. The power comes from me.

Kind words

Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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