Don’t Say Goodbye To The Teacher, Before You Get The Lesson

Change is inevitable, but progress is not. We can be in many different relationships, but if we don’t make the changes that we need to make within ourselves, then we’re going to keep attracting in the same type of person.

Instead, we need to ask ourselves:  Did I become more true to myself, and make the changes that I needed to make?  Did I challenge myself on my beliefs and values?  Did I work on my boundaries?

This applies in intimate relationships, but also in other areas like work relationships.  We can quit our job because we don’t like how we are being treated there, but if we haven’t learnt to speak up and set our boundaries, we will just attract in another similar situation.

In intimate relationships, everyone is on their best behaviour at the start.  It’s not until some time goes by that the subconscious patterns and behaviours start to surface, and things start to come up.  So we need to become more aware of this, and not be scared of it.  If we have fear, walk towards it, and look at what we need to shift and change in order to grow and to build better relationships.

This is the path towards creating a beautiful, harmonious, and loving, “together forever” relationship.

Don’t say goodbye to the teacher, before you get the lesson.

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Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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