Connecting With Yourself Brings True Happiness

How often do you search for love, health, happiness or anything else outside of you?
How often do you give your power away, by relying on external things, people, or circumstances?

I spent many many years of my life not realizing that I was constantly searching for happiness outside of myself – jobs that I thought would make me feel good about myself and cover my own low self-esteem; relationships that I thought would make me feel more worthy, more complete and more beautiful; approval from my parents, friends, and others that I thought would make me feel that I belong, that I fit in, and that people like and accept me.

All this only created a bigger emptiness inside of me as I became more and more disconnected from my own truth.

The more I was doing this, the more I was robbing myself of the power to be truly happy – and to create what I truly wanted in life, and to be who I truly am.

By bringing the attention back to my own centre, I was able to find all the answers – the guidance I had never been aware of, the support and pure acceptance I never had, the love I had never experienced, the clarity around who I truly am and my own values, and the strength and ability to reach my wildest dreams and goals.

The stronger the connection I build with myself, the more happiness I find within me. And the more meaningful and fulfilling life and relationships I create.

It’s time to stop searching on the outside, and time to connect within to claim your own power back. The power lies within you, and you are the answer to all the things you have been searching for. You can create the life you truly want. It all starts from you.

With Love,

Hanna xx

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Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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