Change Your World With Just One Word

They say that everything happens for a reason.

Do you often say, “This happened to me” ?    Have you ever tried changing it to “This happened for me”?   It’s such a subtle change – just one word.  But it can change your whole world.  Because when we do this, we can switch from being a victim of the situation, to becoming a whole lot more empowered.   And when we do that, we start to look at life in a completely different way.

They say that everything happens for a reason.  And when we start to see things that happen around us as things happening “for” us (rather than to us), we start to get a deeper understanding of this.  We also start to get a deeper understanding that everything is an opportunity to help us grow, and to shift and change things.

It doesn’t mean that we can always change the situation.  We can’t.  We can’t control our external world, but we can influence it.  And we can always change how we see a situation.  Looking at the situation with different lenses, or taking an eagle eye view from above.  This affects what we get from it.  And this is where the growth is.  For example, you may hit a situation where a lot of fear comes up for you.  And it’s then looking at why this has come up for you, and what you can do about it.  Can you start to take some action in your life to grow and empower yourself, so that you become internally stronger?  Can you shift and change some things internally, to reframe what could have been a negative experience, into something that’s much more positive and beautiful, and much more impactful on your life?

There are so many things in life that we have no control over.  But we always have a choice – a choice of how we feel, how we think about something, and how we respond to it.  These are just some of our choices.  Once we start to understand that, our whole life begins to change.  And we become a whole lot more empowered.

So why not give it a try sometime.  And see what it brings for you.  You just might be surprised at how your world can change with just one word.   🙂

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Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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