Being Happy With Where You Are

So many of us have a belief in us that “one day I will be happy” – when I finish my study, when I’m in a relationship, when I get a better paid job, when I pay off my bills or my mortgage, when my kids go to school, etc. So we keep chasing the carrot on that stick, hoping that one day we will simply “get there” – to our point of bliss and happiness.
We convince ourselves that life will simply be better, and that we will be happier once we achieve our goals and dreams.
Achieving your goals and dreams can surely make you feel more empowered and feeling good about yourself. But the key here is to be free from any attachment to the outcome, and enjoying the journey here and now, with all that we have, with who we are, and where we are at in life now.

There is no better time to be happy than now. If not now, then when? Now is the only reality we live in, and the more we can be happy in the present moment, the more reasons for happiness we invite into our life.

The more we cling onto something and have a big attachment to it – the less chance we have for manifesting it in our life. Because that means that underneath our intention is a big need for something to be fulfilled, rather than allowing things to come to us without attachment.

Keep walking towards your dreams, always do your best, and simply let go…

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

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Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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