Intuition – Your Personal Gift and Best Tool to Make Decisions

Intuition – your Gut Feeling can be the most powerful tool in our life, if we only find time to feel it, recognize it, listen to it….

We often hear from our Clients that they don`t know what decision to make.  It can be as big as: “Is this the right man for me?” to “Should I go the gym or do yoga today?”.  In many cases we often seek external advice.  This can definitely help you – to get some direction, to understand yourself/your life on a deeper level, to shift things by gaining a new perspective, but the `trap` is that we are all different and what is called a `right choice` for one person may not necessarily be the right one for another. We may also be spending far too much time searching for help on the outside, and we can easily become depend on it.  The truth is, there is no person and no thing that can tell you what is right FOR YOU. But YOU know it. You have all the answers within you.  Your heart knows….

Not knowing the answers often means that women are disconnected from themselves, because they are too busy.  Too busy spending time looking after their children, family, work, and not allowing the time to go within and connect with themselves.

The more time you make on a daily basis to PAUSE, to stop any activities for 5-10 minutes in a silent meditation, focusing on the breathing (I personally love listening to some relaxing music), the more you will be able to connect with your Truth and hear the answers.

If you have two choices, imagine that you have already made this choice, and then ask yourself a question:

  • Is this something that makes me feel happy or the opposite?
  • Do I feel an expansion in my Heart when I think about it, or does it feel like it is shrinking?
  • Is there any excitement in it or does it feel boring?
  • Does this choice bring more peace into my life?
  • Does this make me feel calmer and at peace, or does it feel `heavy`?
  • Deep down, do you really want to do this activity?

Some decisions can be hard to describe as happy or exciting, which does not mean that it is not the right decision.  For example, when your child wants to study overseas, which could feel very upsetting.  But when you imagine this situation, you can see them exploring the world, meeting new people and enjoying life.  In your heart, you can feel a deep sense of peace, as you can feel this is a new door of opportunities that has opened up for them.

Tune in to your body and heart, and you will find all the answers within. We don`t need to search for the answers in others. Practice it, make time to connect with yourself on a daily basis, and you will be surprised how much easier it will be for you to know what is right for you. It might even open up a whole new world for you.

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Hanna, founder of The Sanctuary of Hearts

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